Friday, September 4, 2009

Back in the saddle

It dawned sunny and bright today, with gusty autumnal winds chasing away the remaining clouds. I had a yearning to get a larger view and sense of place, but the utter lack of topography is a problem: no Mt Tam, La Cumbre Peak, or even Ashbury Heights to ascend so as to fix one's position.

I concluded that I needed to criss-cross the terrain more thoroughly at ground level, so I navigated the Tube to a bike store. After a chat with the conoscenti behind the cash register, I settled on a hybrid optimized for getting about town: upright riding position, super gnarly lock, reflectors, lights and ding-a-ling bell! I then sniffed my way back to our borough overland, seeing many strange and wondrous things along the way. Managed to 'stay left' well enough to not get run over too.

Pam was invited over to a new friend's house for a chat, which morphed into a riotous cocktail hour with some 20 ex-patriot women. Nevertheless, she dutifully met at the tube station at the appointed time of 6:30 to join our friend Colleen Graffy(*) to see an exhibit of J.W. Waterhouse paintings at the Royal Academy of Arts. Really beautiful paintings, and a transporting hour into a land of fantasy and water nymphs...

We then had dinner at Le Caprice, which was "buzzing with glamorous women in vertiginous heels" just as advertised on their web-site.

* You may have caught Colleen today on Al Jazeerah - she was interviewed by David Frost on the topic "is Obama's honeymoon over?" Whoa!

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