Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Raining

Yep, it's raining, just like they said it would. Not so bad really - added to the charm of the cobblestone alley in Hampstead where Pam and I had our scones this morning after our Pilates class (ouch, that's hard work!).

In the small world department, Simone remarked that she was paired with this very athletic blond in soccer practice named Margy. We later saw in the school newspaper, in an article about her achievements as a US Nationally ranked rower, that her last name was Bertasi. Later we realized this was the daughter of Sarah Greer Bertasi, a childhood friend from Santa Barbara! We've now connected with Sarah who is on her 4th year here with her family. She is actually in the U.S. right now, helping her oldest settle-in at Dartmouth, but we look forward to hanging out with her and Rick on the soccer sidelines in the coming months.

We've been getting our house set-up and also touring around a bit. One highlight was the National Portrait Gallery, which has a portrait of every who's who from Henry VII forward. Pam and I mad the mistake of overdosing on Tudors and Stuarts, and will have to come back again another day to finish it off.

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